Meet our Interior Designers

13 May 2018


With a bold vision for the hotel and big plans for realising it, we are delighted to share with you the first exclusive glimpse into our journey to launch!

To help us with our transformation, we enlisted the services of Faber Design, an innovative interior design company with a reputation for trailblazing hotel, restaurant & retail design. Now a few months into our work with Faber Design, we’re excited to give you to a preview of the first stages of the hotel’s renovation.

To find out more about our exciting vision for the Chesterton Hotel and our work with the Faber Design team, read on!

Can you tell us a bit about Faber and the work you do?

Still a fairly young company, we’ve been running for nearly 5 years, and currently have a team of 12. We specialise in F&B (food & beverage) design, working with restaurants, bars, hotels and retailers to provide market insight, architectural & interior design, and branding.

We’ve worked with a variety of operators, including Michelin-starred chefs, independent bars, fine dining restaurants, and chains. You can find out more about these projects in our portfolio!

Who’s involved in the Chesterton Hotel project?

Tony Matters: founder and creative director of Faber. Tony has 20 years of experience working with global brands and independent businesses, with a particular focus on F&B design.

Aisling Ryan: lead interior designer on this project, studied Spatial Design at Chelsea College, (part of University of the Arts, London). Previously worked on a variety of commercial and residential projects for a London-based architectural firm.

Aisling will also be supported by our talented team of designers, technicians and project managers.

What was your vision for the hotel?

Our vision for the hotel is to position it as a destination, premium boutique brand. We want to create a clear and distinct identity, grounded not only in the wonderful Cotswold location but also tying it into the fashion and lifestyle of Bicester Village.

What are you trying to achieve through the design of the hotel?

We want to bring a bold and contemporary look to the hotel, in a way that embraces the rural location and traditional style of the building. We are bringing the hotel up-to-date and elevating the design to create a more luxe, polished feel.

We want to create a unique experience that will make this hotel a destination venue, attracting a new customer base from the surrounding area and further afield.


What made you excited to take on board this project?

The client’s energy, enthusiasm and ambition for the hotel: it’s exciting being part of their journey. We like working with people who understand the importance of good design and how it can help determine the success and growth of their business.

What are your favourite parts to a new project?

Creating the narrative of a space that dictates the users’ experience; from the moment they see the road sign, to the bed they sleep in, the food they eat and how they feel when they check out.

What are the biggest changes you’re making to the hotel?

We are giving the hotel a true identity and sense of character. We’re also making the bar and restaurant a destination in their own right, so that they appeal to both hotel guests and people from the surrounding area.

What makes your designs stand out?

We specialise in design for the hospitality industry, so we create concepts that are beautiful, but are also fit for purpose. Design expertise is important; but design expertise specific to your industry is even more vital to getting it right first time – and that’s what we offer.

What are the next steps?

We’ve confirmed the designs for the hotel’s bedrooms and our designers are now hard at work building the concept and layout for the restaurant and bar areas of the hotel.

Watch this space for the evolution of this exciting project to transform the hotel, and realise their inspired vision for the Chesterton Hotel!

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