Hotel Purchase

30 April 2018 


Since its purchase, the Gill family have worked together to create an inspired vision and detailed plan for the hotel. With a shared passion for hospitality and a love of creativity and design, the Gills brought with them bold aspirations for the hotel. Drawing on their individual talents and shared passion, they each have a clear role in both the renovations and management of the hotel.

With Kaven as Managing Director, the Gill family have all contributed to the acquisition and strategy for the hotel. However, in terms of the day-to-day management of the hotel, this is shared between Kaven and his mother Rabinder, with his sister Annie providing instrumental support in branding and marketing.

The redesign of the Chesterton Hotel is unquestionably both a collective family endeavour and project of passion. With their shared ambition, vision and enterprise, one thing is for certain – the Chesterton Hotel is on track to become a trailblazer in the modern luxury hotel scene.

As they embark on their exciting journey to launch the Chesterton Hotel, find out more about the Gill family and their inspiring vision for the hotel.

Meet the owners

For the Gill family of five (Kaven, his parents and two sisters), home is located in Twyford, a large village in the South East of England within close proximity to Reading. Living under an hour from Bicester, the family are familiar with the area, and when the opportunity to buy the hotel arose, they grasped it without hesitation.

A close family with shared interests and passion, the Gills are not afraid of hard work and thrive when working together. Having previously teamed-up on a number of small property development and renovation projects, they were all 100% on board with taking on a greater, more challenging shared venture.

With a background in hospitality and a corporate career in London, Kaven is no stranger to luxury hotels, high-end restaurants and premium service. Through his experiences, he developed a passion for hospitality and a strong motivation to put his own stamp on this competitive and prolific industry.

Kaven’s mum, Rabinder and sister Annie also have significant experience working in hospitality. In particular, they share a background in event planning, including organising big weddings, parties and functions. They developed a love of event planning and hospitality, inspiring their ideas and vision for the hotel.

A shared dream of the Gill’s, they have long aspired to purchase and renovate a hotel under their unique brand. A creative and ambitious family, they searched for an opportunity to put their talents and ideas to practice, and create a hotel with a distinct identity and an experience to remember.

What motivated the hotel’s purchase?

In April 2018, the Gill’s dream to buy a hotel was realised through the purchase of the Bignell Park Hotel. But aside from their long-held desire to buy a hotel, the question that remains is, why this hotel?

As we’ve previously mentioned, the Gill family’s home is close to Bicester and the Bignell Park Hotel. Regular visitors of the famous Bicester Village designer shopping outlet and the Cotswolds, they saw the purchase of the hotel as an opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

With its beautiful countryside location, close proximity to popular attractions such as Bicester Village, the Silverstone Circuit and Blenheim Palace, and easy access to London and Oxford, the Gill family recognised the huge potential of the hotel.

With 18 bedrooms, a restaurant and bar, and function rooms within a charming beam-framed building, with by a beautiful landscaped garden surrounded by Oxfordshire countryside, they found the perfect hotel to renovate and redesign.

Our next blog takes a deeper look into their vision and plans for the hotel, inspired by their unique location and passion for hospitality, design and fashion.

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